From 1996 the Aptos Company has produced unique materials for plastic and aesthetic surgery and cosmetology. The products and the methods have gained world recognition and are successfully applied by specialists in 50 countries of the world.

The authors of the products and methods have been awarded many prestigious international awards and patents of invention.

In 2009 the Company started a new product line – Light Lift rejuvenation threads – threads made of bioabsorbable material which is completely eliminated from the organism in 360 days.

The authors and certified trainers on Aptos methods take part in the leading medical exhibitions and scientific congresses. They also regularly organize training courses on Aptos methods that present an interest for specialists of plastic and aesthetic surgery as well as for dermatocosmetologists.

The Aptos Company sales the products directly and through the distributors net that allows to deliver the materials to different countries and regions within the nearest time.

The Company constantly modernizes the existing methods and works out new non-invasive rejuvenation technologies.

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