Mesoline Shine

  1. Lightens
  2. Homogenizes
  3. Regenerates
  1. Vitamin C
  2. Phytic acid
  3. Pyruvic acid
  4. Kojic acid
  5. Mulberry leaves extracts
  1. Face
  2. Dorsum of the hands
  1. 1 treatment every 7 to 14 days
  2. 5 treatments in total during the initial phase
  3. Repeat every 6 months the treatment course
  4. Combine with other Pluryal mesoline products according to needs


  • The only sterile serum product composed of Vitamin C + 4 tyrosinase inhibitors
  • Free from hydroquinone = compliant with EU regulations (hydroquinone is prohibited in Europe)
  • Few actives = highly concentrated actives
Product Composition Comment
Pluryal mesoline SHINE Vitamin C + 4 Tyrosinase inhibitors (Kojic acid, Phytic acid, Pyruvic acid, Mulberry leaves extracts) Synergic action between Vitamin C and tyrosinase inhibitors for an optimal whitening effect

Few actives highly concentrated

Competitors Pure Vitamin C The synergic action of Vitamin C and tyrosinase inhibitors is much more efficient than pure Vitamin C in treating hyperpigmentation

Application Areas