Mesoline Refresh

  1. Hydrates
  2. Regenerates
  3. Protects
  1. Hyaluronic acid 40mg
  2. Vegetal stem cells booster
  3. Vitamins (A, B5, B6 and B3)
  1. Face
  2. Neck, décolletage
  3. Dorsum of the hands.
  1. 1 treatment every 7 to 14 days
  2. 5 treatments in total during the initial phase
  3. Repeat every 6 months the treatment course
  4. Combine with other Pluryal mesoline products according to patients’ needs



  • Highest concentration of HA (in mesotherapy formulations) on the market
  • The only mesotherapy product containing HA + stem cells of plan origin
  • Few actives = highly concentrated actives
Product Composition Comment
Pluryal mesoline REFRESH HA 40mg + 6 actives (including stem cells) Highest HA concentration of a mixed formula

Presence of stem cells

Few actives highly concentrated

Supplied in 5ml vial = 1 treatment

Topaze vial (protection of vitamins)

Competitors Often contain HA + 50 ingredients and more The only ingredient with an acceptable concentration is often the hyaluronic acid – the 50+ ingredients are too weakly concentrated to have a real action.

Application Areas