Mesoline Bodycontour

Pluryal mesoline BODYCONTOUR

  1. Localized fat
  2. Lower third of the face + body


  • Clinically proven formulation efficient in fat melting
  • Hundreds of publications confirmed the efficacy of the association of phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholic acid in reducing the localized fat deposits
Product Composition Comment
Pluryal mesoline BODYCONTOUR Deoxycholic acid Phosphatidylcholine Proven efficient in fat melting

10 years experience during which we have tested extensively the efficacy whether in lower third of the face or body

Formulations mixing Phosphatidylcholine and Carnitine are not equivalent

Competitors L-carnitine or caffeine associated with phosphatidylcholine The detergent being deoxycholic acid, when a formulation does not contain deoxycholic acid, it cannot melt the fat
Kybella 1% deoxycholic acid Pure deoxycholic acid is efficient however more aggressive than the association of phosphatidylcholine with deoxycholic acid*. Besides the product is extremely expensive and currently reserved for the lower third of the face only

Application Areas