Electric Beauty Bed

This beauty bed consists of controller box, motor, hardware, plastic parts and leather. Among them, the controller box is controlling the operation of three motors and the hand controller.

This beauty bed includes angel adjustment of the backrest, angel adjustment of the seat cushion and lifting adjustment of the whole bed which is an overall and integral structure



3 Motors to adjust height, backrest, and seat inclination

Certification CE
Bed Size 1880 mm X 840 mm
Max. Height 850 mm
Min. Height 590 mm
Packing Size 1720 mm X 650 mm X 645 mm
G.W. ±1kg 76 Kg
H.W. ±1kg 64 Kg
Working Environment Dry, Ventilated
Power Supply AC 100-130V/220-240V, 50/60 Hz
Backrest Angle Adjustment 0? ~ + 75?
Seat Angle Adjustment
Footrest Angle Adjustment 0? ~ + 50?
Up and Down Max. Load 175Kg
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage 100-120 V

Application Areas