Pluryal Booster

Pluryal Booster

Restoring the quality of the skin in different areas of the face and body

  • An antioxidant skin booster based on non-animal monophasic stabilized HA.
  • A natural treatment of the skin’s imperfections: enlarged pores, fine lines, loss of elasticity, tone, glow or radiance.
  • A program for the restoration of the hydrobalance and density of the skin.
  • A complementary treatment to Pluryal® and Pluryal® Volume dermal fillers.
  • An enhancer of other anti-ageing therapies: chemical peelings, RF, superficial mesotherapy, laser treatments, etc.

Pluryal Booster Security :

  • Safe & reliable composition.
  • Control of the manufacturing process at every stage.
  • Highest sterility assurance level.
  • Compliance with GMP & ISO 13485 standards.
  • EC certification

Benefit for the patient:

  • Natural Results
  • Harmonious Results
  • Treatment Options
  • Skin Protection
Pluryal Booster

Application Areas