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Radiofrequency has become a fundamental and in some respects irreplaceable method in the hands od doctors and aesthetic surgeons. the obtained results are reproducible and can be reached since the first sessions. the controlled head, induced by ATTIVA RF® transducers, stimulates the dermis by hypertrophy of fibroblasts with increase of collagen and elastin production. Both the dermis and the extracellular matrix are thus remodeled with a general rejuvenation.

ATTIVA RF®, continuous emission radio frequency of the latest generation, fractionated and sequential, opens up to technological innovation : endodermal radiofrequency with incorporated thermal camera

Thanks to a partially shielded cannula needle and a probe transmitting the set energy, ATTIVA RF® can determine a complete renovation of all treated dermal tissue with the maximum precision.

The possibility of directly handling the thermal energy, keeping it under control in the selected area b means of a preset temperature, controlled with the aim of inducing desired changes, leads to extraordinary results.

In fact, with  a temperature of about 50 C the passage of the needle produces a denaturation of proteins primary secondary and tertiary structures, determining both the retraction of the dermis collagen structures with a lifting effect, and the metabolic activation of the fibroblast, which repair the collagen damaged by the heat and the augmentation of the dermis thickness with production of neo collagen.

Around 60 C it performs a defibrating action with permanent natural removal of tissue adhesions due to trauma, for example fractures  with abnormal tissue retraction, or post-surgery for the reduction of scars.

Around 70 C it determines cell lysis off adipocytes with triglyceride emission in the interstitial spaces and the extracellular matrix, where they are later removed via lymphatics. In this case the alteration of fat cells structure allows an extremely precise and meticulous superficial liposculpture in all areas bey difficult to work, an example is given by fat accumulations in the suprahyoid and the angle of the mandible.

Thanks to a special camera (thermal camera), during the operation the area undergoing radiofrequency and showing a rise of temperature is monitor, and through ATTIVA display the operator is able to monitor both the dermis superficial temperature and the endodermis temperature.

This way millimetric movements can be performed, with heat variability of only 3 C. Extremely precise results can thus be attained.



  • Patented capacitive monopolar and bipolar transducers in “biomedical ceramic tc 13C
  • Dimensions up to 5mm un diameter
  • Capacitive transducers working with tensions up to 10 times lower than traditional capacitive transducers
  • Only one capacitive body handpiece with a double functions, monopolar and bipolar.


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